Awesome Features

Browse between categories and search for videos using RedTube App for Android!

The App comes with a bunch of new features to make your mobile experience better. Take a look to see what's in store for you!


You don't have a permanent internet connection or are you planning to go on a trip? No worries. You can download multiple videos at once for a later use.

Video Player

The app comes with an integrated media player, so you can enjoy multiple videos at once and switch between them. If you're used to watch videos with you own media player, no problem, you can open the video with your own player.

Access Lock

Are you worried that your girlfriend might find the app? Worry no more! You can set a password so no one can launch the app.


Build a collection of your favourite videos to watch over and over again.

Here's what to expect

Watch all the RedTube content right on your phone!

APK Info

Size: 1,38 Mb

Version: 4.0.0